Leverage Decades of
Psychology Research to
Overcome Your Social Anxiety
and Become More Confident!
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • I want to go out and meet new people but I’m paralyzed by the fear of rejection and coming across as awkward.
  • I want to be myself around others but I just worry so much that people think I’m weird.
  • Whenever someone invites me to a party my heart starts racing and I desperately look for excuses why I can’t go.
  • When I’m around other people, I’m only a listener and never part of the conversation.
Hey, I’m Till!
I'm the founder of Comfort Zone Crusher and I help people overcome social anxiety with evidence-based therapy approaches.

After overcoming my own social anxiety and apprenticing under some of the most influential therapists and coaches, I began to share what I’ve learned.

This means, I know the sweaty hands before a party, the weird feeling of not knowing what to say and the regret after having missed out on yet another opportunity…I’ve been there. 

And I also know how to to overcome all of this and I’m here to help you do the same.
Imagine a life where...
  • You are excited before parties and events by the idea of making new friends - instead of dreading it days before
  • You see an attractive stranger on the other side of the street and without second-guessing yourself float over and confidently say “Hi”
  • You express yourself, stand up for your ideas, say what you think and don’t worry about the opinion of others
  • You are able to strike up a conversation with anyone, know exactly what to say and never run out of things to say
  • You know how to turn acquaintances into life-long friends who you can call on Thursday evening for a spontaneous movie night
Research and F-Bombs
In order to make all of the things reality for you, I take decades of therapy research, combine it with my own experiences and turn it into fun and playful online courses, articles and videos. I don’t use big words and drop f-bombs on the daily.

It’s honest and real, like your best friend would talk to you if he had an obsession with psychology (in a non-desperate way).

I and everyone else who writes for Comfort Zone Crusher have studied psychology and our stuff is backed up by a ton of research. 

The concepts I teach come from evidence based therapies (ACT, DBT, CBT), social psychology research, cutting edge coaching practices, my own research and real life therapy mentors with years of experience.

In short, this stuff really works.
The fastest way to stop caring what others think...
One of our most effective approaches are Comfort Zone Challenges, which helped me transform my life and the lives of over 25,000 people from all over the world. I spoke about this in my TEDx Talk which is one of the 100 most watched talks of all time. Comfort Zone Challenges are hands down the fastest and most entertaining way to tackle your fears.
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Get one video every other day & access to the private community!
What people said after the challenges...
Gess G., Mexico City
I'm studying classical music and I have always struggled with stage fright and worried what people might think.  But then I did Comfort Zone Challenges. Now I can really enjoy my performances!
Philipp U., Austria
The challenges showed me how easy it is to become more confident.
Falk K., Germany
Doing Comfort Zone Challenges gave me a feeling of freedom. After each of them I felt liberated about what people might think of me.
Join thousands of others for a free 7 Day  Comfort Zone Challenge!
Get one video every other day & access to the private community!
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